Obligatory Sitecore Symposium Post

#SitecoreSym kicks off this week, and since I can’t be there, this seems like a great time to update my blog.  Here are some of the most interesting announcements of the day:

Sitecore 9
The official page for the latest version.

Sitecore 9 Features
Robbert Hock talks about some of the exciting features of Sitecore 9

Sitecore 9: Dynamic Placeholders
Jammykam goes into great detail about one of the most requested features of Sitecore 9.

Sitecore Experience Cloud
Sitecore’s next-generation platform gives you the freedom to engage with your customers on their terms—when and where it’s convenient for them and in any format they choose.

Sitecore Cortex
Part of the Experience Cloud, Sitecore Cortex introduces machine learning. Money quote from the video: “Sitecore Cortex processes enormous amounts of data in real time making instant judgement that support your goals, your customers, and the unique context of each interaction so you can concentrate on killer strategies, wild new ideas, and global domination.

New Study Reveals Brands Fail to Use Customer Data to Deliver Personalized Digital Experiences
Anyone who has taken my marketing class knows we like to reference that one eConsultancy study from 2013. This brings us some more up to date information on the general state of personalization. It sounds like most brands are suffering from Information Overload.

Developer Documentation
A simple extension of doc.sitecore.net.  Really nice addition.



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